Solutions of some common TIBCO BW failures-Part 1

In this post, I tried to summarize the solution of some common Tibco BusinessWorks development errors.

If I find much more time, I will try to continue this serie.


To solve BW-JDBC-100000 error code you must put OJDBC5.jar file to your Tibco directory such as “C:\tibco\bw\5.9\lib”

 ” at least two fragment ….” error from JMS queue starter

If you use same WSDL file or same core XSD in another location, you will get this error. To fix this problem you must select first WSDL and remove second WSDL. In the related process you must update the WSDL address with new one.

caused by: Configuration error in field [ Configuration error in field [ Identity ]]

Your_Project_Name\Resources\Identities\ file missing in your EAR.

Don’t forget to include these 4 files to your LibraryBuilder, if you used them:

  1. JMS Configuration
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Identity
  4. XSD Schema

“failed to execute called process”

If you get the error shown below, your process probably missing in your EAR file.

"Job-6518033 Error in [Services/Special/Genel/Starters/genelspecial.process/Call Implementation]
failed to execute called process
caused by: com.tibco.objectrepo.NotFoundException: Specified uri does not exist"
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