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Solutions of some common TIBCO BW failures-Part 2

Call process input failed –  COMPLEX_E_MISSING_ELEMENT_DECLARATION “<ns0:ErrorReport xmlns:ns0=””””><StackTrace>Job-12331880 Error in [Services/NXZ/Starters/nxz.process/Call Implementation] Call process input failed validation at at at at at at$JobCourier.runx( at$ caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXException: validation error: no declaration for element “”{””   ({com.tibco.xml.validation}COMPLEX_E_MISSING_ELEMENT_DECLARATION) at /ns1:DatabaseServiceRequest[1] com.tibco.xml.validation.exception.MissingDeclarationException: no declaration for element “”{””…

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Solutions of some common TIBCO BW failures-Part 1

In this post, I tried to summarize the solution of some common Tibco BusinessWorks development errors. If I find much more time, I will try to continue this serie. BW-JDBC-100000 To solve BW-JDBC-100000 error code you must put OJDBC5.jar file to your Tibco directory such as “C:\tibco\bw\5.9\lib”  ” at least two fragment…

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Failure is not an option with onEventTimeout

The purpose of this post to explain the usage and benefits of onEventTimeout starter. If a process using a Wait For JMS Topic Message activity and if it occasionally receives events that do not match any Candidate Key and if you want to send un-matched events to an existing logging service, you…

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