July 2018

Controlling Execution of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Services

Process starters Process starters create process instances to handle incoming events. Flow Limit: Limits the number of process instances created by a process starter. This allows you to control the flow of processing so that incoming events are no longer accepted when the limit is reached. Process instances When the…

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How to deploy JMS Topic Subscriber & JMS Queue Receiver?

Imagine that ; Process A has a timer activity. Process B has a JMS Queue Receiver activity. Process C has a JMS Topic Subscriber activity. These processes are to be deployed on 2 machines and configured to operate in fault-tolerant and load-balanced mode. To achieve this configuration you should take these…

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Container Stack

Container Stack Layers: Limitations of Docker: Docker is only aware of the containers running on the machine it runs on Horizontal scaling in Docker does not exist Docker does not repair applications which become unhealty and cannot Virtual Machines vs Containers: Hardware Node with 4 apps: Comparison of Virtual Machines…

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